Lazy vs Working: How To Measure Staff Productivity This Coronavirus Period

How To measure Staff Productivity During This Lockdown

With this lockdown, every company has resorted to working remotely. However, unlike working from the office, measuring an employee who is working remotely is slightly different and there are key things you look out for. Measuring staff would consist of performance analysis which is used in employee improvement, as well as internal promotions and pay raises. 

Things are a little different when measuring remote workers as there is no daily in-person interaction to measure. In the past (before the lockdown), you could have applied some traditional methods with your employees since you saw them every day. Now, the best way to keep employees engaged is to frequently discuss the value of productivity and getting work done through the day. This would help your employees feel like their work is meaningful and in return, give them a sense of accomplishment.

Measure The Right Thing
Staff Productivity

Measure the Right Thing

The first thing to consider is that productivity measurement is not the same as taking attendance. You want to measure products and outcomes. Your team leads should set goals for each remote worker, and these goals should be measured to determine organizational productivity.

Make Project Management Visible

To monitor progress for remote work, you can’t rely on in-person check-ins. It’s important that all team members are aware of and have access to contribute and review project and task status. Tools such as Slack, Trello, and Asana can help you collaborate, manage tasks, and stay informed.

Evaluate Quality and Quantity instead of Time Worked

There should be weekly meetings with your remote employees to help define a clear-set task list and negotiated deadline. You have to focus on tasks accomplished and the quality of them versus hours spent. Also, it’s advisable to use standard KPIs- you can use online tools to track the productivity of these metrics. You should also evaluate their performance by seeing how long it takes to complete tasks and how well they execute them.

Evaluate based on Internal Feedback
Employees Feedback

Evaluate based on Internal Feedback

When evaluating your remote employees, it is important to get the feedback of your employees, know their challenges, and what they need to achieve their tasks. You can send surveys to each employee that covers a teammate, team lead, a manager, and themselves (self-evaluation). The surveys could contain short questions asking for the strengths and areas of improvement for each survey subject. This survey would be quick and easy to complete. It should provide insight into how your employees are interacting with one another, how they feel about those leading them, and where they feel their talents could be utilized more effectively or where they may need more training.

Using this method is a good way to get an accurate evaluation because your employees are the ones who are most affected by the outcomes.  

From the above listed, you would know an employee who is not meeting up to expectations or standards and would know who is actually doing everything possible to meet up to tasks and expectations. 

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