Remote Work Team Bonding Activities For Every Company

Team bonding activities for remote work

The past few weeks have been a bit tough for businesses and companies. Every company has been forced to take on the remote work policy to keep work going. 

In achieving this, it is important to find a way to strengthen relationships and make employees bond over remote work. Without bonding, employees may start to feel undervalued and this can affect their productivity. According to the Harvard Business Review, “close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50%.” It further states that “people with a best friend at work are seven times more likely to engage fully in their work.”

Three Truths and a Lie

This game is a get-to-know-you icebreaker. It’s recommended for groups and no special materials are needed. You can tell your managers or team leads to host a video call on Zoom (or any remote video call tool) and ask about 3 to 5 employees to tell three truths and one lie. They have to make sure the lies are realistic so it won’t be so easy for anyone to guess. The trick here is that the other employees have to guess which is true or a lie and whoever guesses right, gains points. 

The major objective of playing this game is to get rid of any awkwardness. It is a great way for team members to get to know one another especially things that aren’t common knowledge. 

Bucket List Challenge

Bucket List
Bucket List

Everyone has one thing they want to do in their lifetime or before a certain age. It would be really fun to know what your employees have on their bucket lists. Tell team leads or managers to host video conferences of their teams and have each employee write down what adventurous activity they want to do in their lifetime. After 5 minutes, have everyone share their list. It would be fun to know that some employees have similar things on their bucket lists. For those set of people, you could encourage them to work together in achieving them and probably hold each other accountable. 

This bucket list challenge is a major ice breaker. It would help take your employees’ minds off the global pandemic for a while, reminding them that they can still achieve everything on their bucket list after this is all gone. 

Online Team Building Bingo

Online Bingo

Another fun team bonding activity you can engage your remote work employees in is Online Bingo. This game has been in trend since this coronavirus period. You start with a bingo board that has a number of action items or accomplishments on it. For example: “Speaking to someone else while on a work video call” or “submitting a task right after deadline” etc.  

This game is interesting and fun to play, it’s quick and easy. Team bonding becomes exciting when Bingo is involved. 

Play online team building games like trivia and quizzes

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Quiz & Trivia Questions

The office space allows teammates to have conversations and chit chat in their corners or cubicles. But these simple conversations are a lot harder when teammates don’t see each other. However, you can make work experience better for your employees when they are working virtually by asking them to play this game. To play, you can send team members quizzes and trivia questions on channels and ask them to answer correctly. To make this more engaging and competitive, you can put a reward to it. Whoever gets the answers right, gets a gift bag (or any prize you deem fit) delivered to their house. This game is fun and simple. It should serve as an opportunity for team leads and managers to learn more about their employees and spark new conversations. You can use Kahoot for pretty much any of these, as it’s super easy to run, and everyone can access the game on their phones with a URL and game PIN number. 

Picture Challenge

Remote work space in Nigeria
Work Space

Pictures really are worth a thousand words, and there are several directions you could go with photo sharing. You can encourage your employees to share pictures of their remote workplace and make it a competition on slack or any communication channel. The person with the highest reaction gets a prize like lunch being delivered to them at home or a cash prize. 

This is the best time to involve your staff in team bonding activities over any communication channel you use. The world is in crisis, most people are sad and unhappy that they can’t go to work and interact with their colleagues as they would usually do. It’s best you try to make your employees more involved and make them feel loved.   

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